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Monday, October 21, 2013

Shakespeare's English and Various Notes

Have you all seen this video yet?

Believe it or not, I'd be happy to marry into this family. Man, what a life.

Other exciting things:
  • I'm relatively certain I passed my bio midterm. Also, a midterm with no essays? What world is this?
  • I've been working on the staff of Dappled Things Literary Magazine for almost two months now. I get to blog for them! And edit for them! And sort submissions! It's lots of fun. Two of my fellow UD graduates are also on the staff, which makes me all kinds of proud of my alma mater. 
  • I joined a writing group. Tomorrow they're critiquing something I wrote. Am I nervous? What do you think?
  • An interesting reflection on language barriers from one of my little brothers: He's at a French seminary in Florence. Although many of the seminarians do speak English, it is preferred that everyone speak French. He's gotten to the point where he can understand it, and he can speak it well enough most of the time. But he said that when he hears people speaking French, he doesn't hear distinctions of voices; he just hears French. In English, he can hear variations and inflections and tones of voice that open up someone's character in a way that can't be done when he's listening to a foreign language. He didn't realize this was happening until one of the French seminarians started speaking English to a visitor. Not only was this the first time that he'd heard him speak English, but he said it was also the first time he heard his voice. Quite suddenly he had a much fuller, richer understanding of who his fellow student is. And this is another reason I love language. 
All right, then, friends. Back to work.

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  1. I have enough trouble understanding the British of today. And I am sure the feeling is mutual. J'accepte leur accent d'il y a 400 ans, s'ils acceptent mon accent franco-gallois. Vive Guillaume le Conquérant!