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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Toilet Limerick

I promised light-hearted material a few posts back, so here you go. After a little red wine, silliness induced by Jasper Fforde, and frustration at yet again having to take the lid of the back of the toilet to stop it running (the chain holding the little lid mechanism thingy gets tangled on itself -- surely there's some sort of Dante-esque grotesque spiritual metaphor in that), I felt the need two nights ago to write the following for our downstairs bathroom:
Dear Guest,

Please pardon our troublesome loo --
There's a task we must ask of you.
For if we do not
The water won't stop
But run the entire night through.

If you would but open the lid
Wherein running water is hid,
And pull down the chain,
Thus stopping the drain,
Our toilet will do as it's bid.

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